Bacopa for Increasing Concentration

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I tend to lose my concentration from time to time and one of the herbs I like to use to make a medicinal herbal tea to help improve my concentration is Bacopa. Some of you may know Bacopa as water hyssop. Bacopa is an herb that contains compounds in it known as bascosides, which contain medicinal properties that help increase the level of neurotransmitters in the brain to help increase concentration levels so a person has the ability to focus on the task they need to focus on.

The herb also acts as adaptogen and helps the body cope with stress levels physically and mentally, which makes this herb perfect for treating anxiety, panic attacks and sometimes even asthma attacks due to the calming effect it has on the body.

Preparing Bacopa Medicinal Tea

I find the best way to prepare the finest potent bacopa medicinal tea is by taking a teaspoon of dried bacopa and placing it inside a small tea ball and place it into a large teapot with a liter of boiling water. Then I place the lid on the teapot and allow the herb to steep in the water for 10 minutes to help draw out the medicinal properties as well as the light golden yellow color and earthy, yet slightly bitter taste the tea has to it. If you dont like bitter tasting medicinal teas you can mellow the flavor of bacopa tea out by adding a teaspoon of raw honey or nectar syrup into it.

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Once the tea is made I find it best to sip on it slowly one cup at a time until I am focused and back to the task at hand that needs to be done, or until my asthma attacks has begun to ease away. Typically, my asthma attacks are caused by stress and anxiety and drinking this tea helps ease the stress and anxiety naturally by acting as a natural sedative and adaptogen.

Other Health Conditions Bacopa Can Help Treat

Not only can bacopa help treat the lack of concentration as well as panic, anxiety and asthma attacks, but the herb is also useful for treating hypothyroidism, inflammatory diseases within the body, epileptic seizures, digestive disorders, drug induced liver damage, insomnia and memory loss. The herb has even been used to help prevent cancer, rid fungal infections from the body and help treat mild to moderate depression in people. Some people even use the herb to ease aches in pains in the body because the herb can act as a natural sedative.

Other Forms of Bacopa That Can Be Taken

If your not a fan of sipping on bacopa medicinal tea or simply don’t have the time to make it you can get the same health benefits from it using other forms such as tablets, capsules and tinctures. My personal favorite bacopa supplement to use is Herb Pharm Bacopa because it is made with pure organic bacopa and is a tincture that is easy to take.

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However, it does have a slight bitter taste to it that I always rid from my mouth by sipping on some juice afterwards. Now, you do not have to use this particular bacopa supplement to treat your common health conditions. You can use any supplement that works best for you and your body, but it is best to talk to an herbalist or doctor before taking this herb to treat any health condition to make sure it is right for you.

Precautions with Bacopa

The great thing about using bacopa is there are not any side effects from using this herb unless you take an extremely high amount of it. At high doses, bacopa causes extreme drowsiness and lightheadedness so it is best to use this herb properly in small amounts at a time to see improvements your health.

Holy Basil for Stress Relief and Emotional Well Being

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I decided to try an herbal supplement, called Holy Basil, to help me with insomnia. I’ve noticed that it does have a calming effect which helps me to fall asleep faster. What I have also noticed though, is that Holy Basil has also seemed to take the edge off of my stresses and constant worrying.

I think one of the main reasons for me not falling asleep or staying asleep at night is due to an overactive mind. I tend to think and worry a lot, resulting in a lot of anxiety. Holy Basil seems to calm down the noise in my head, helping me to feel more relaxed.

I found out about the benefits of Holy Basil from the Dr. Oz show. Another more well known name for Holy Basil is called Tulsi. On the Dr. Oz show, it was said that Holy Basil can help fight stress. I primarily bought the supplement to help with insomnia, however, I’ve also noticed a difference in my reaction to stress as well.

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I feel as though Holy Basil may also be helping by lifting my spirits a bit. On the bottle of Holy Basil that I had purchased, it says that Holy Basil promotes feelings of emotional well being and that it helps with stress. It also states that this herbal supplement supports a healthy respiratory system function as well. Might I add, I have not been sick since I’ve taken this supplement, even though I have been around people who had cold and flu symptoms.

This herbal supplement seems to be helping me so far with taking the edge off of my anxiety, low mood and stress levels. I still do experience stress, anxiety and low moods, however, Holy Basil may be helping to lessen the severity of my symptoms. Maybe the longer I take it, the better my symptoms will get.

I did an experiment for a week to see how the Holy Basil affected me. I decided to stop taking Holy Basil for an entire week. What I noticed was that I really did feel a difference when I had not been taking the supplement. I felt an increase in my symptoms of anxiety as well as a lower mood. So far, Holy Basil has been helping me by lessening some of the anxiety, stress and worry, so I will stick with it and see how long the effects will last. Anything that takes the edge off, even if a little bit, is helpful to me.

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If you are experiencing low mood, anxiety, high stress levels and/or insomnia, you may want to try Holy Basil to see if it might help you. You may want to talk to your medical doctor or mental health therapist first when trying a new supplement.

The good thing about an herbal supplement is that while it could still have the potential to cause some side effects, I think it is better than the risk of taking a prescription medication, which seem to have more side effects than natural remedies.