Does it Matter when You Take Vitamins and Supplements?

Look at the directions on a bottle of vitamins or supplements and the manufacturer tells you how many to take. Period. So, being that we live in a busy society, it’s easy to down whatever you take daily in the morning. Then, you’re done. Unless you take vitamins or supplements more than once a day, that is. It’s just as easy to clump the next dose together and take them all at once too. It’s convenient, but is it healthy? Are we getting the full benefits of these pills? Read this informative article and find out if it matters when you take vitamins and supplements.

It Pays to Do a Little Research

I used to take several over-the-counter pills together every morning, including bromelain. It’s an enzyme found in pineapples. While researching another subject, I happened across an article on the University of Maryland Medical website that surprised me. It said, if you take bromelain to aid in your digestion, you should take it with meals.


If you take it to help heal injuries or to treat arthritis, it should be taken on an empty stomach. So, when you take this supplement, before or with meals does make a difference.

Let’s use calcium as another example. If you take a calcium supplement and iron too, you can’t take them together because calcium interferes with the absorption of iron. Not only that, but, if you take calcium carbonate, you should take it with a meal. Your stomach acid helps your body absorb it better. This includes taking a multi-vitamin that contains iron as well.

calcium and iron supplement_01

It only makes sense to take your vitamins and supplements early in the day so your body can utilize them. According to, taking calcium before bedtime can help you sleep better. On the other hand, if you wait to take vitamin B6 at bedtime, studies show it can cause dreams and help keep you awake.


As you can tell, timing can be an important factor when it comes to your vitamins and supplements. I researched my pills so I know the best times to take them. I then organized them in a few 7-day pill containers so I know when to take which ones.